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How can I sell coffee on Algrano?

The first step is to create a free account on the platform and a profile for the farm or organization producing the coffee. You can create a producer profile for your own company and/or producers you represent (in case of exporters, mills and cooperatives).

Next you should apply to become a Verified Seller on Algrano. In this process, the Algrano team will evaluate if you have an established and sustainable business that is aligned with the platform's values of transparency and traceability. You start by filling a form with key information about your organization and goals.

If our team is satisfied with the answers on the form, Algrano will get in touch to request samples as quality evaluation is the second step to become verified. Our team will also arrange meetings or a visit to know more about you, your business structure and facilities. We will also explain how the logistics works in more detail and align on offers, timelines, etc.

If your samples are approved, Algrano will award you the Verified Seller status so you can start making offers! We always need to have samples in Switzerland for coffees on offer as they are dispatched to roasters from our QC lab. Though any Verified Seller can create as many offers as they want, they will only be accessible for roasters to buy when samples are in and have been cupped.