How do I create a release?

In a couple, simple steps:
  1. click 'My Algrano'
  2. click on 'orders'
  3. select the right coffee from the 'Warehouse' column
  4. click 'Schedule a release'
Please follow the steps as mentioned in the form and fill in all details.

There are two types of releases you can make: DDP or FCA.
  • DDP = Algrano organizes the road transport service for you, from the warehouse to your roastery. You will request a quote which will be uploaded for you on the platform. You will receive an email about this whereafter you are able to submit the release.
  • FCA = You organize your own transport from the warehouse to your roastery. A transport order PDF will be generated after you submitted your release order. Please download the PDF and send it to your transporter to request a transport service. The transporter will also need to present this document to the warehouse on the release date.
If you have questions about creating a release, send an email to