How do I price my coffee when making an offer on the marketplace?

All offers on the marketplace are listed in US dollars and FOB (Free on Board) basis. When creating your offer, make sure to include all the costs up to FOB.

You have two options to keep your prices up-to-date. You can either opt for a fixed price, where you have to manually update it on a frequent basis (eg. weekly), or your can opt for an automatic daily update of the price of your coffee based on the last closing price of the Coffee C Futures market.

Note: When a roaster purchases your coffee, the price will be fixed at the moment where he places his order.

You decide what the best price for your coffee is. To help you find a good price for your coffee offer, Algrano lists price ranges for similar coffees sold on the platform to serve as a reference, as you can see below.

If you need more support, please contact the sourcing team at