My invoice has the note “Tax exempt/export delivery from third country” or “Reverse Charge”, what should I do?

The general case

We will emit such invoices whenever Algrano is not importing the coffee: for example for FOB sales, or when the roaster is not located in the European Union, Switzerland, or in the UK. This means that the import duties are on the roasters’ side. We recommend looking with your own customs agent to import the coffee in your country. Please note that additional charges may occur.

Coffee delivered in Antwerp

In the case where the coffee is delivered in Antwerp, our partner Vollers will get in touch with you to complete the import in your name. The following steps will occur:

  1. You will have to sign a Power of Attorney agreement with Vollers, so that Vollers Belgium can act on your behalf. 
  2. Vollers will charge you the VAT (if applicable) and the following handing fee, per import:
    1. Customs clearance with fiscal representation and Intrastat formalities € 105,00
    2. Customs clearance on a Belgian VAT nr. € 82,50

For the point 2, a single lot can be imported either all at once, or in multiple instalment corresponding to each releases. 

We encourage you to inform Vollers Belgium to import your entire lot at once in order to reduce costs.

Norvegian roasters

Algrano can't import in Norway, therefore all invoices for Norvegian based roasters are falling in this category. The company transporting the coffee from our warehouse in Europe (most likely Bremen, Germany) to your location will do the import and taxes. They will charge you accordingly.