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What is the difference between a seller and a producer on Algrano?

Algrano separates platform users from producing countries as sellers and producers, providing information on the different roles of the green coffee suppliers. These designations were put in place to reflect accurately the roles of different actors in the supply chain.

What is a seller?
A seller is any individual or organization that manages the sale of a coffee on the platform. Sellers can be farmers and cooperatives but also exporters and mills who are not involved in the actual production process. Sellers receive all sales updates, notifications and contractual information.

What is a producer?
Most times, the seller will also be the producer of the coffee. Other times, an exporter or cooperative can represent several producers. For example: Cafesmo in Ocotepeque, Honduras, is a cooperative with a seller account. As they sell single-farm lots as well as blends they will have a producer profile for the coop, through which they offer all their regional blends, and other producer profiles for the farmers behind micro-lots, such as Marcela del Valle.

For full traceability, here is how the sellers and producers are shown on a coffee lot page:

  • A coffee produced and sold by a single farm:
  • A coffee produced by a single farm, but sold on Algrano by a cooperative:
  • A coffee produced and sold by a cooperative: