What is the farmgate price?

The farmgate price is the price paid for coffee when it leaves the grower premises. This could be cherry, parchment or fully processed coffee, depending how integrated the producer is.

At Algrano we strive to provide insights in the breakdown of these costs. We offer the grower the possibility to communicate this, on the platform shown in two possible ways.

  1. The grower (producer) is selling his coffee directly to you. He provides the farm gate price for the coffee/kg. This is the price that he will get for the coffee and this price might include processing and exporting costs, depending how integrated the grower is.
  2. A cooperative is selling the coffee to you. The cooperative might provide an estimation of the actual farm gate price paid to the hundreds of growers, for cherry or parchment. They might also not be able to provide such an estimation and consider the "farm gate price" as the "cooperative gate price” which then includes processing and exporting.