How many coffees should I offer on the marketplace?

Creating 4 to 6 different offers with different profiles will help you reach more roasters!

There is no minimum or a maximum number of coffee lots a seller can upload to the marketplace. However, our team recommends that a seller creates 4 to 6 offers to cover a wide range of sourcing needs. Also, having too many lots on offer can be counterproductive as it makes it harder for roasters to choose from.

The most important factor to consider when uploading an offer is differentiation. Make sure the cup profile, region and/or story behind the coffee are somewhat different between each lot. This will help you reach more roasters and create more interest in your coffees.

If possible, put at least 10 bags of each coffee lot on offer that more than one roaster can buy. This allows you to cater for roasteries of different sizes.